A Lock at the Front Door Is Not Enough for Security

Despite security being the utmost concern for every household, there are many people who believe locking the front door is enough to be safe in the house. That’s not the case at all or people wouldn’t be going for modern and advanced security and alarm systems. Let’s take a look at how security is still compromised when your front door is locked.

Locks Can Be Broken

You surely don’t have a padlock at your front door. However, if you have one, you have already compromised on security because padlocks are the easiest to break. A burglar with a hammer can easily get into your house.

You Are Not Deterring the Burglars

Even if you have a modern lock securing your front door, you still cannot call it safe. The problem is that once a burglar has started to break into the house, they will try everything to be successful. If you don’t have something to deter them and send them back before they even touch your front door, there is a high chance of a break-in. Use security lights, security cameras, and other deterrents to keep them off.

Your Windows Are Compromised

You probably know it from the movies but it’s also statistically true that burglars like to climb through the windows more than they enter through the front door. If you have weak windows with a compromised locking system, you are open to many threats and dangers. However, the good news is that you can have proper locking mechanism installed in your windows without spending a fortune.

What you are going to really admire is that locksmiths can do most of the fixes for you. Whether you need a better front door, a safer locking mechanism or better window security, a locksmith can help you with all of that.